DogDancing Moves (video clips)


On this page you will find many of the DogDancing moves, that Paco and Timber have learned until the present time. I hope these short video clips will help people get started in this wonderful sport. As Paco is always learning something new, there will always be new videos. It's worth it taking a look at this page now and then. We are also planning on offering a short learning video to each DogDancing move, which you will be able to download for a very low fee and try it with your dog at home.

You can run all video clips on this page either directly from our site or download them to your hard disk and then run them as often as you like. This second option would be much better, because our site can become very slow, if too many people run video clips at the same time directly from the site. Here is a small tip as to how you can download a video clip to your hard disk: 1. Right click the desired video clip entry (a drop down menu opens up). 2. Choose the option „Download". 3. Choose the desired path on your hard disk and save the video clip.


The twist - 0,5 MB The eight - 0,5 MB
backward parking (home) - 1,8 MB Front - 0,9 MB
Heelwork - 0.9 MB Behind - 0,5 MB
Paw work - 0,5 MB Roll-over - 0,2 MB
backward wallking - 1,8 MB Around the handler - 0,7 MB
sleeping dog - 0,6 MB sideways away from the handler - 0,3 MB
Weave - 0,4 MB backward weave - 0,8 MB
Jump over the handler's back - 0,6 MB dead dog - 0,7 MB
Play bow - 0.3 MB Wide circle around the handler - 0,5 MB
Zig-Zag - 1,3 MB wallking between the handler's legs - 0,9 MB